Meet the Interns of 2021

Luke | Cybersecurity Researcher

Main Interest: Cybersecurity

Project: Produce a preliminary report detailing the cybersecurity threats we are likely to face and the preventative measures we can take to prevent them

Training Received: Cybersecurity course from IBM

Current Status: Training completed successfully, report writing in progress

Karol| Strategic planner and economic researcher

Main Interest: Economics

Project: Commission a preliminary analysis of where in the world would most benefit from a digital mental health treatment by considering attitudes to mental health, availability to evidence based treatments, and projected internet adoption

Training Received: One to one tutorials with a senior manager

Current Status: Planning and recruiting more people to help

Elisa| Sociologist

Main Interest: Societies around the world

Project: Interview people from lower income countries, and analyse survey results to better understand how attitudes are shifting and why.

Training Received: No additional training required

Current Status: Work underway

This page is currently out of date, but will be updated as soon as we've finished recruitment for this year.Where we don't yet have access to a photo, stock images have been used as placeholders.

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