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Save lives whilst getting a leg-up towards your dream career

Why we're interested in you

The world is changing at an ever greater pace and we want to be at the forefront of it; getting input from young, enthusiastic people with the latest training is a huge priority for this very reason.

We're firm believers that young people are more capable than they are perceived to be, and that they are capable of taking on challenges of great importance. More so than any organisation we're familiar with, we offer our interns challenging work with huge implications for our future.

The scheme and associated training is entirely free, and all additional costs required to complete your work will be covered.

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What you could be doing


There's a lot of important questions we don't yet have an answer to.  Click here to see what other interns chose to research.


We're open to changing our approach. Are you a big picture thinker who know. Click here to see the biggest questions we're pondering at the moment

Algorithmic Design

We're strongly considering creating an algorithm which generates treatment suggestions based on the patients data.

You needn't know how to code to work on this; we can pair you up with someone who does.

Building partnerships

To succeed we need to build relationships with academics, politicians, grant giving bodies, media personalities and the public at large

Get a leg up towards your
dream career


Bespoke experience

We will create a project which aligns clearly with your career objectives

To see examples please click here


Phenomenal CV material

Your work will inform our strategy moving forwards and have a real world impact. How many summer interns can say that? Every intern who generates work we later rely on, will receive a personalised letter of recomendation signed by senior management and have the option to have their work showcased on our website


Unparalleled freedom

You get to choose what you work on, where and when you work.

If you like the work, and do a good job, we'll be happy to extend your internship on a part time basis.

If you do truly amazing work, we'll offer you paid employed straight out of uni.


Free training from world leading universities

We'll fund any training you need to undertake to feel prepared to take on your project

Ready to make a difference?