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Clinical Psychology Internship

You can ask us questions via - please note that this role is fully remote.

One of the toughest internship in clinical psychology
  • We only accept the top ~15% of applicants despite it being a volunteer position

  • The internship is primarily designed to cost-effectively treat mental illnesses. You aren't the "customer", you're the "product". We train you and give you clients. In return, you use your training to help people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it.

  • You're expected to contribute for three months full-time and then see three or four clients a week for a year.

  • See clients from all works of life, from all over the world. We primarily serve non-westerners. 

  • No screening system is perfect, let alone ours. We cannot promise that you won't be exposed to clients beyond your abilities or willingness to see them. You won't be expected to continue with them, but the worst of them can traumatize you within minutes of exposure (e.g. sending you videos of them self-harming or threatening to kill themselves) and there's very little we do to prevent it.

  • This position is unpaid. (If you attract paying clients, you can keep 80% of what you bring in.)


  • Phenomenal reference. Anyone who makes it through the program has shown they have what it takes to make it in mental health, and we're more than happy to attest to that

  • See real clients, one-to-one, within two to four weeks

  • The very best of the very best leave with clients paying up to $60 per hour for their time.

  • Opportunity to be lead author on one or more peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Learn to treat depression, anxiety, phobia, and one more advanced condition (PTSD, OCD, Alcoholism)​

  • One-to-one coaching with the founders and core team members

  • Supervised clinical hours for those cleared to see medium-risk clients (~90% of people get cleared)

Required Criteria
  • Ability to support yourself financially for the duration

  • Superhuman emotional resilience 

  • Able to be warm and likable to people you've only just met.

  • To lead a study, you need a psychology / STEM degree or evidence of exceptional competence

  • Willingness to see ~3-4 clients a week after the internship ends, for up to one calendar year

Desirable criteria
  • A relevant degree or professional experience

  • Experience working under immense pressure (e.g. first responders, front-line health care workers)

  • Evidence of exceptional honesty

  • Experience working in a startup

Application Process (Total assessment time = ~90m)
  1. Submit your CV

  2. Get counseling training via email. Go through it.

  3. Demonstrate you understand the theory in a short online test. 

  4. Demonstrate you can apply it in practice in a role-play

  5. Welcome on board.

Use the below form, or click here, to apply
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