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Wanted: Clinical Supervisors

Role Description


  • Option to be an author on one or more peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Work on cutting-edge global mental health. Fully remote with flexible hours.

  • Potential to become full-time and paid at market rate if results are strong 


We plan to teach talented psychology graduates how to empower behaviour change and treat mental health problems globally. Given that lay local community members can effectively deliver therapies, we are piloting this with foreign volunteers. If it works, we will be able to successfully treat mental health problems like anxiety or depression roughly 10x cheaper than the next most cost-effective approach. We are looking for experienced practitioners to help train and supervise these graduates.


  • Accreditation as a practising psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist.

  • Willing to commit to at least one hour per week.

  • Happy to supervise groups of ~5 and sign off on Supervised Clinical Hours


  • Training and/or qualification in supervision.

  • Experience in delivering workshops or training.

  • Experience working with clients from low-middle income countries.

  • Previous research publications on psychotherapy/counselling, with client groups in low-middle income countries, or in relevant areas.


  • Regular group supervisions with lay counsellors and signing off their supervised hours.

  • Appraise existing training materials for lay counsellors (or design your own!)

  • Advise management on how best to handle emergencies

  • Critically review one or more original research papers on a lay-delivered intervention, in return for being recognised as an author on each paper you review.

  • Minimum time commitment: one hour per week.

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