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Connect us to people who need help

Client Recruitment Internship

We provide free therapy to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it, all around the world.


  • Flexible hours & entirely remote

  • Lead your own projects within weeks of starting

  • Staff treat you like a peer, rather than like a cog in a machine. Interns rate their experience ~8.5/10 on average. 

Your role
  • You’ll be connecting people in need with appropriate therapies.

  • Figure out which people are in need and how best to reach them

  • For example, you might reach out to student union societies, tell them about what we do, and ask them to refer people to us. 

  • Design your own strategies for reaching people and test them out in the real world

  • Figure out the needs of different demographics and help design appropriate care alongside more experienced staff

  • Help pair clients with appropriate care!

  • Have evidence that you stick to what your start

  • Have evidence of initiative / drive

  • Are not scared of rejection as they’ll be a lot of it!

  • If you’re a student, be willing to commit to full-time for the duration

  • Able to support yourself financially - this is a voluntary position

  • Summer and placement years available. 


Questions & Application
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