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Propose a Study

If you've got a proven therapy that's deliverable by recent psychology graduates, and access to a  demographic who'd likely benefit from it, there's a good chance we'd be up for testing it out.

Rapid Ethical Approval

We've got an ethics board which usually makes a decision within two weeks of submission. It operates completely independently from Overcome's management, so it's impartiality isn't compromised.

All the grunt work taken care of for you?

We've got an army of enthusiastic graduates up for gathering the data, doing the stats, and writing up the methods. You'd be responsible for the high-level planning, designing the interventions and training people to deliver the intervention. Alternatively, just use our ethics board and do the rest yourself! (email John Salter for details)

Examples of studies we're working on

  • ACT for perinatal depression in Pakistan

  • Graded exposure in LMIC populations

  • Coaching to address burn-out in medical professionals

  • Various interventions for addiction


  1. Must be deliverable by people who are NOT professional counselors

  2. Should generate measurable results within six weeks

  3. The methodology should be evidence-based and directly backed by high-quality empirical data

  4. Should address a pressing problem in a neglected demographic, or be marketable enough to be sold profitably in the west (to fund our work overseas)

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