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 Stress. Avoidance. Shame. Repeat.

Break the cycle in just eight weeks.

Who is this for?

Everyone feels scared at times, but this becomes a problem when it undermines your confidence and prevents you from doing what you want to do. Thankfully, it can be overcome in just two months. It's entirely funded by donors, so you don't pay a penny.

How it works

  1. Complete a 5-minute form.

  2. Pair with a coach and meet weekly via video.

  3. Acquire the skills to confront your fears.

  4. List goals hindered by anxiety.

  5. Progress from the least to the most daunting tasks, with the support of your coach.

Our Coaches

  • 95% have a strong degree or masters degree in Psychology or a related field

  • Each goes through an intensive screening process.

    • Bottom 90% of applicants rejected

    • Each passes assessment by an expert before being allowed to see clients

  • For the specific issues they're trained on, the outcomes for users are similar to professional coaches / counselors

How to Apply

  1. We expect to accept ~50% of suitable applicants within one week of them signing up

  2. Take our 5-minute quiz below to see if you're a good fit. If so, enter your contact details and we'll be in touch!

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