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Help make mental health support free and accessible for everyone

We’re teaming up with top scientists and professionals to make free digital treatments readily available for all

Our Story

In May 2021, we had one full-time member of staff. Now, we have almost one hundred of the brightest minds from world-leading institutions working to improve global mental health treatment accessibility. We aim to achieve this through the delivery of evidence-based, cost-effective digital interventions to where it's needed most.

Almost 1 billion people worldwide suffer from mental health issues

At least 600 million people lack access to treatment

Untreated mental health problems account for 13% of the total global burden of disease. According to the World Health Organisation, depression alone will be the single leading cause of disease burden worldwide by 2030.

More than 70% of the global mental health burden occurs in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and at least 75% of  people go untreated.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted or even halted critical mental health services in 93% of countries worldwide, further highlighting the urgency for novel, easily-accessible solutions.

Current approaches can't just be scaled up

The UK spend £22.5 billion per annum on mental health care and 38% of people still don't receive treatment. Antidepressants are expensive and one of the most common antidepressants, Sertraline, increased in price by 500% from 2019 to 2021. Most LMICs spend <0.05% of their health budget on mental health care.

Even if cost wasn't an issue, treatment efficacy is. Two-thirds of patients do not improve after taking their first antidepressant and one-third don’t improve even after trying their third.

Psychotherapies have been proven to be more effective than medication, but even high-income countries lack the resources and staff to address the scale of the problem this way.

Free online help is the only practical way to tackle current mental health problems on a global scale

Apps can be as effective as traditional treatments

The number of science papers published about digital mental health solutions doubled between 2019 and 2020. The majority of research points towards no major difference in effectiveness between face-to-face treatments and their digital adaptations.
Apps have several important advantages over traditional treatments:

  • Scalability & reach
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • 24 hour access
  • Anonymity
  • Consistency
  • Reliability

We could potentially treat billions for less than one pence per person

Effective digital treatments could treat one million times more people than traditional therapies, and be ten thousand times cheaper to deliver than antidepressants.

Access to technology has never been less of a barrier. Rarely, if ever in human history, has smartphone and internet access been rising at a faster rate. Global internet access has increased by over 270% between 2010 and 2022. Between now and 2025, almost a billion more will have access.

Research. Collaborate. Influence.


Our team are producing high quality research reports to address core and nuanced challenges in the global mental health sphere. This will provide a comprehensive database for consultation.

Sample reports:


We are partnering with: digital service providers, NGOs, governments & research institutions to deliver cost-effective evidence-based digital mental health interventions globally.


We will lobby powerful people to facilitate intervention rollout and improve mental health awareness in the countries that need it most.

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