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Help make mental health support free and easy to access - for


We’re teaming up with top scientists and professionals, to devise digital treatments to mental illnesses, test them, and then make the very best freely available to everyone.

A fledgling mental health charity backed by the UK Government.

1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem every year

  • 1 in 4People experience mental health problems each year
  • 1 in 6
    people struggle with anxiety or depression
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Help is not there when it's needed, and too often it is there too late.

Many people feel like the help available currently can be too vague, and waiting times for medical help are too long; most wait a year or longer to start psychotherapy. Suicide is currently the biggest killer of men under 45 - something needs to change.

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The breakdown


Financial costs of the adverse effects of mental illness on people’s quality of life


Mental health is estimated to account for 23% of life years lost to disease


Only 38% of brits with diagnosable mental health problems were receiving treatment of any kind


The UK has a GDP per capita of £32,400 and is one of the most effective healthcare systems globally. If we can’t do it, how are countries like India, with a per capita income of £1320, supposed to address the needs of their 1.35 billion citizens?

Free online help is the only practical way to tackle current mental health problems on a global scale.

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Why it’s so important to make it online and free

No one should suffer in silence - however we know that for many people the thought of waiting over a year to get medical help just doesn't seem practical. Sometimes things can be hard to speak about and having the most effective interventions, proven by science, available immediately could be the difference in saving a life.

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We’re going to develop an app that’s proven to help improve mental health

By giving everyone free online access to actionable plans designed for them to help them overcome their specific difficulties, we will provide those who need it with the best chance to improve their day to day life. The interventions we encourage will be proven to be effective and constantly updated using the best available data.

We're also aiming to change public perceptions of digital mental health, lobby governments and funders, and support researchers whose work makes it all possible.

To achieve this we need people like you!

We're building a multi-disciplinary team of experts, contributors and influencers to ensure we can provide this resource safely and effectively. If you are interested, please get in touch to find out more.

Become an intern who makes a difference

  • Choose what you want to work on
  • 100% remote and self-paced
  • We will design an indiviudalised program tailored to your interests, skills, and ambitions.
  • Work independently or form part of a team
  • Free training from leading global universities to facilitate your work
  • Every intern will have a flattering description of their on our website for at least the next five years - amazing for your CV and job applications.
  • Every intern whose work we can use will receive a personalised letter of recomendation written by the managing director, which holds a lot of sway because of our officially registered charitable status.
  • We will do everything we can to offer exceptional interns paid employment, either full or part-time, once their placement has concluded.

Develop an app that changes lives

  • Choose what you want to work on
  • 100% remote and self-paced
  • Work independently or form part of a team
  • Free training from leading global universities to facilitate your work
  • You will be free to choose how you to approach the problem
For Developers

Help spark a global mental health revolution

  • Leverage your expertise to create and evaluate treatments
  • We promise to work around your schedule
  • Have the power to veto anything you feel lacks evidentiary support
  • We pride ourselves on being evidence-based. We have binding agreements to never suggest a treatment without RCTs supporting its efficacy. Our primary focus is on interventions supported by multiple systematic reviews.
  • You will be given veto powers on any treatment you feel would be damaging to users.
For Medical Experts

Unheeded advice, no matter how profound, helps no-one

  • We recognise that no matter how evidence-based treatments are, they need to be followed to be of use.
  • Help us incorperate the science of habit, reinforcement and human behaviour into our treatments
  • Help us evaluate existing digital adapations of psychotherapies for their utility.
  • Help us decide upon our broader strategy to get key players on board
For psychologists

Help make everyone join us and make a change

  • Get put in touch with experts
  • We're happy to write content for you or help you check it for accuracy
  • Use your skills to help spread ideas that could change the world and save lives
  • Retain complete editorial freedom
  • Get free advertising to your content
For Outreach Experts

Do you have skills we are yet to consider? Tell us!

  • We are extremely open-minded to volunteers from all walks of life/fields of study
  • Choose what you want to work on
  • 100% remote and self-paced
  • Work independently or form part of a team
  • Free training from leading global universities to facilitate your work
For You!

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